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Output, Inc.
Sr. Audio Software Architect
Los Angeles

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I've been building consumer and professional music applications for both desktop and mobile platforms since 2008. Originally started work on a streaming video platform for public safety, I was immediately exposed to the issues of communicating between a high-performance C++ engine and with a garbage collected language (C#) for the GUI. After cutting my teeth on mobile development with the first Android G1 handset, I moved squarely into the audio industry.

At Audyssey Labs, I was a founding member of their mobile team, and was responsible for integrating DSP technology into any OS or Firmware our client demanded, most notably the Android OS itself. I was a lead developer on a consumer hifi listening app for iOS and was awarded a patent (US9860641B2) for delivering audio output device specific audio processing from the cloud.

From there, my mobile experience led me to Native Instruments, where I contributed heavily to both of Native Instruments mobile offerings, iMaschine and Traktor DJ, always with a focus on the audio engine and application architecture. Spending time in a product-focused environment taught me to be efficient with what makes it into the codebase, while still balancing overall quality (decisions in codebases always last longer than you think!)

After brief, yet productive, stints with Fender and Dolby, I landed at Output and have been focusing on audio engine and application architecture for the past two years.

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