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Ryan Devens

Recluse Audio
Minnesota (United States)
Ryan (Artie) Devens is a software developer and owner of Recluse-Audio. Hailing from the frozen north of Minnesota, Ryan has always been an obsessive recluse. This obsession has culminated in his software and in his compositional output. Recluse-Audio software prioritizes touchable interfaces with un-obscured parameter states, emphasizing the living personality of digital instruments. His music ranges from the Electro-Acoustic to what might be considered Doom Pop, and always incorporates technology.

Ryan attended post-graduate studies at Georgia Southern University in pursuit of a M.M. of Music Technology. Here he was humbled by the foundations of interactive media, post modernist aesthetics, and of course audio programming. His advisor Dr. John Thompson was a pupil of the legendary Curtis Roads, and thus the studies of Roads and UC Santa Barbara have given Ryan a deep interest in micro sound, granular, and pulsar synthesis.

Ryan is dedicated to environmentalism, collectivism, and kindness towards others. He recognizes that these goals are never fully accomplished and demand a lifetime of effort to maintain.
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