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Hey my name is William, I play Drums, Bass, Keyboards and I also sing sometimes as backing vocals. I am currently in college doing a level 3 Music production & performance. I am also with Heart n Soul in a band called Electric Fire, and I have performed with them a lot. I love it and it has also helped me to have a lot of experience which you can’t really get from college. I also run a monthly music jam with Robyn.

My plans after college are to find a job which is in the music industry like being a beat maker or a producer or a music performer or even an event assistant to get started.

I use Ableton live 10 suite as my software for making music and I know a standard about logic pro x and I make all types of genres and mostly end up making chilled beats and this has helped me to calm my mind and keep me focused.

Band website - https://www.heartnsoul.co.uk/artists/electric-fire

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOGqwMLT03qGwutJL37N9Pg
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