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The legacy of our code is embedded in the soundtrack of our generation. Since the first release of Pro Tools in 1991, our code has helped immortalize the strums, the beats, and the melodies of countless records of virtually every genre. It’s in the buzz of the lightsaber, in the powerful roars of lifelike dinosaurs, and in the wind gusts of dreamlike soundscapes. Our code is behind the scenes, it is in the swells, in the fades, and in the spark of the best moments in the history of audiovisual media.

We develop software that starts at the bare metal and goes up all the way through the speakers. Our products are used in all sorts of places around the world from home studios to live venues, including control surfaces powered by our EUCON protocol, integrated hardware/software systems like the HDX, Carbon and VENUE product lines, mobile apps, and multi-platform desktop applications such as Pro Tools and Sibelius which are at the core of our portfolio. Over the years, our passion for innovation has earned us over 200 patents, as well as many awards including two Oscars, a Grammy, and multiple Emmys among others.

We are proud of our legacy, but we are also excited about the future of Audio, so our engineering teams spend a big part of their time imagining, designing, writing, and testing new code which will help us shape that future.

We are Team Avid.
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