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PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc. helps software publishers around the world, license, protect and distribute their software securely to end-users. For over 36 years, PACE has provided robust licensing and anti-tamper solutions that
allow publishers, big and small, to get their products to market faster, scale easily, and protect revenue and intellectual property. PACE’s infrastructure platform services over 100 million licenses from leading pro audio brands such as Avid, Dolby, InMusic, Eventide, Slate Digital, UVI, Sonnox, iZotope, Soundtoys, and many more. Our easy-to-use platform allows publishers to customize the entire licensing experience from the activation interface to the types of licenses offered, to how those licenses are distributed. Publishers can choose from offering perpetual, trial, subscription, and network-based licenses to users. License activations can be customized, such as computer-based for convenience, iLok USB for true portability, or iLok Cloud for the modern connected user. The license platform serves millions of users per year from around the world.

PACE is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California with a European office in Glasgow, Scotland. In 2020, PACE purchased the cross-platform C++ application framework JUCE, and is therefore honored to be the steward of the not-for-profit Audio Developer Conference.
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