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Sonos is a pioneer in multiroom wireless audio systems. We design products that are simple to set up and use, continually working to improve the listening experience throughout the home and on the go. Continuous innovation is a big part of Sonos’ culture, and has resulted in more than 500 patents. The Sonos Advanced Technology team has the mission of inventing and delivering technologies to drive future generations of audio products. Comprised of a cross-disciplinary team of researchers, audio engineers, data scientists, and software developers, we work together to identify and realise how audio technology can be used to shape the sound experiences of the future. Our R&D encompasses audio signal processing, acoustics, machine learning, sensor fusion, power systems, and auditory perception, focusing on novel research questions with a multi-year horizon. Projects incubated by Sonos Advanced Technology are now used by millions of Sonos listeners around the world. Our group's research outputs include Trueplay, a room correction system that automatically calibrates the system's acoustic output to its physical environment; and Sound Swap, a feature for portable speakers that detects and shares audio streams with nearby devices, harnessing near-ultrasonic audio for proximity detection.
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